▫   Concrete Design Mix :

Design of Concrete mixes with tests on ingredients, Fresh & Harden Concrete.

▫   Designed over 5000 mixes from M7.5 to M60

§  High strength concrete

§  Pumpable concrete for RMC

▫   Designed for different grades, retention time 180 min. using flyash, crushed and natural sand for

  •   Ultratech RMC
  •   Recon Concrete
  •   Atul Shirodkar and associates
  •   Retox Concrete
  •  Jai Bhawani RMC Works
  •  Om Shivam Buildcon

§  High performance concrete

▫   Designed for Railway project, M60, using combination of hopper flyash + processed flyash + micros-silica  : Client JSR Constructions Pvt.Ltd

§  Self Compacting Concrete

▫   For a multistoried commercial complex: Eternity Mall, Nagpur

§  High volume fly-ash concrete

▫   One of the mix designed have a combination of flyash (as a pozzolona) and bund ash (as a sand replacing material). Total ash consumption 67 %: Client MAHA-GenCo (formerly MSEB)

▫   For concrete roads of PMGSY, for their different road projects

▫   Reliance Energy

§  Heat resistant concrete for furnace structures

▫   For Blast-Furness of Bhushan Steel Limited : For concrete likely to exposed to a temperature of 700 Deg. – Using Only Basalt aggregates

§  Studies for heat dissipation in mass concrete, and concreting methodology

▫   Consultancy for concrete Technology for large projects which includes,

§  Identification, selection, testing and finalization of material source.

§  Design mixes

§  Laboratory Training of field personnel

§  Documentation for QA/QC

§  establishment of field laboratory

§  Training at filed including verification for workability

§  Retention time, density & yield of concrete from RMC

§  5 to 10% quality check through QC tests

§  Periodic site visits to attend problems

§  Geotech Services has provided consultancy to Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Reliance Energy), 2 x 300 MW Power Plant at Butibori for concrete.

§  Major Works executed

▫   Concrete Design Mixes for Adani Power Ltd., 3 x   600 MW Power Plant at Tirora,  Total 50 mixes, M- 7.5 to M40  , with & without Fly Ash , Pumpable & Non Pumpable , with  8 different Brands/Types of Cements , As well as with two different plasticizers

▫   Concrete Design Mixes for L & T Power Ltd., 4 x 500 MW Power Plant at Koradi, Total 24 mixes, M- 20 to M35, with & without Fly Ash , Pumpable & Non Pumpable , with  2 different Brands/Types of Cements.

▫   Concrete Design Mixes India Bulls  Power Ltd., 5 x 270 MW Power Plant at Amravati,  Total 24 mixes, M- 10 to M35  , with & without Fly Ash , Pumpable & Non Pumpable

▫   Concrete Design Mixes for Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt.Ltd. for Nagpur By-Pass   Total 24 mixes, M- 15 to M 45, Pumpable & Non Pumpable, and PQC & DLC.

▫   Around 2000 Concrete Design mixes of various grades up to M- 55 for MES, Railways, CPWD, Industrial Houses, and Townships & Builders.

§  Quality Assurance

▫   Geotech Services has provided consultancy to Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Reliance Energy), 2 x 300 MW Power Plant at Butibori for concrete.

§  Total 200 mixes were designed, which include concrete Grade from M10 to M40, with & without Fly Ash, Pumpable & Non Pumpable, and with 10 different Cements.

§  One week training of field engineers on Concrete Technology at Geotech laboratory.

§  Preparation of QA /QC document for concrete for the project.

§  Establishment of Field Laboratory & two weeks training of field staff for QC tests on concrete ingredients & concrete.

§  Validation of main design mixes at site for large quantity of concrete form RMC for Workability, Strength, and Retention Time & Yield.

§  Results: After casting 70,000 M3 of M25 grade concrete standard deviation was 1.13 MPa. Design was further optimised with total cementatious content from 362 Kg/m3 to 338 Kg/m3, which content 30 % fly ash.




§  Training

▫   Training to Engineering Staff of Reliance Infrastructures Limited. The course comprise of one week training in laboratory for Concrete mix design and Quality assurance in construction; and two weeks in field which includes, full-scale site trials using designed mixes, corrections in mixes for site condition, yield adjustments, Lab setup, in-house calibration of lab equipments : January 2009

▫   Training on Mix Design and Quality Assurance in Concreting – 3 days : to Engineers from Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited, November 2010

▫   Training of engineers from Military Engineering Services (MES) on Quality Assurance in Construction – December. 2008.

▫   One day workshop of 100 Masons from Wardha & Yeotmal Dist. Of Maharashtra on Concrete Proportion, Importance Of W/C Ratio, Vibration, Use Of Plasticizers, Effect Of Aggregate Properties On Cement Consumption & Strength Of Concrete. Workshop was held on behalf of ACC.

▫   Conducted Training in Quality Control Tests for Civil Engineering Projects, conducted for staff Of Military Engineering Services. 2002.

§  Clients

▫   Reliance Infrastructures Limited

▫   Vidharbha Industries Power Limited

▫   Adani Power Maharashtra Limited

▫   Indiabulls Power Limited

▫   L & T

▫   Sunil Hitech

▫   Vishwaraj Infrastructures

▫   Wardha Power Limited

▫   Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt.Ltd

▫   Bajaj Re-inforcements

▫   NTPC

▫   Indian Railways

▫   Central PWD

▫   Militry Engineering Services

▫   Power Grid Corporation