Quality Control Testing 

  • Tests on Coarse Aggregate
  • Tests on fine Aggregate
  • Tests on Bitumen/Modified Bitumen/Emulsion
  • Tests on Soil/Moorum
  • Tests on Bituminous Mixes

Pavement Design

  • Flexible Pavement Design for Urban and Low Volume Traffic roads.
  • Rigid Pavement Design for Urban, Industrial and Low Volume Traffic roads.
  • Paver Block Pavement Design

Stabilization for Road work

  • Soil-Fly ash Stabilization
  • Soil-cement Stabilization
  • Soil-lime cement Stabilization

Various Mix Designs

  • GSB Design
  • WMM Design
  • Bituminous Mix Design
  • Bitumen Emulsion Cold Mix Design

Field Testing

  • Field CBR Testing
  • Field Density Testing
  • Modulus of Sub grade Reaction (K value) Testing
  • WBM composition verification.
  • Benkelman Beam Deflection Testing
  • Bituminous layer core extraction and testing.
  • Day to day Quality control testing for foundation pit and plinth filling.

Pavement Evaluations

  • Existing pavement condition assessment for strengthening of roads
  • Drainage design

Quarry/Borrow area Approval Testing      

  • Sampling and testing of quarry material to check its material suitability.

Quality control Lab setting and Training                         

  • Setting up of QA/QC field laboratory and training.

Study of pavement products   

  • Various stabilizing agents used in road making

Research Pavement Projects

  • Using new/innovative material and conceptual roads
  • PMGSY research project monitoring.